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Interior Designers & Misconceptions Associated With Them!

Common misconceptions around Interior Designers

  • Interior Designers charge huge money
  • Interior Designers are only for bigger and fancy houses
  • Interior Designing is not essential
  • Interior Designing can be done by self
  • A contractor can also design my house


Why? Because the chances are that if you are reading this, you have already decided to get yourself a beautifully designed home. But wait, like others are you also worried about the role of an interior designer in getting that desired home? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. After reading this article, you would definitely be sure of your next step.

When it comes to an Interior Designer, there are many misconceptions or myths associated. Thus, it becomes important to not only understand the value of Interior Designers in helping you realize your dream home but also one by one debunk various (and hilarious) misconceptions attached with them.

1. Interior Designers charge huge money

You have purchased a new house and are planning to move in soon. As you have invested a substantial amount of money in it, you feel that involving an Interior Designer for its designing will make a serious dent in your pocket. But this is not the reality. The designers are flexible enough to work with any kind of budget. Their goal is to provide the best of the options possible in the suitable budget as per your liking. 

The key to overcoming this is to have a pre-decided budget of interior designing while buying the house. This will make life much easier when it comes to interior designing.

2. Interior Designers are only for bigger and fancy houses

Buying a house is a dream come true for everyone. There is one made for every pocket, for every need. Thus, when it comes to interior designing, there is no such thing as big or fancy. Designing your house is a personal choice and there is always a designer ready to meet your requirements.

The interior designers are experts in taking any project irrespective of its size and turning it into the one that resembles the taste and style of the owner.

3. Interior Designing is not essential

Another question that pops up in our minds while deciding on the interior designing is that if it’s at all required? To answer the question, let’s understand about the basic ingredients of Interior Designing. An interior designer puts extensive efforts in deciding on the color theme, the furniture style & size, the upholstery, the decor and the space management.

The right mix of all the above elements sums up to the beautiful home that you had always thought of. This makes Interior Designing more of science than art. The right colors, the appropriate material & fabric of your furniture, the suitable texture are all selected by the interior designers based on your likings, lifestyle and family requirements. This combination of various elements exudes a feeling of happiness, positivity and uplifts your mood, bringing harmony & peace.

Thus my friend, buying a home is not the ultimate goal, but making it a beautiful abode is.

4. Interior Designing can be done by self

There is no doubt that you can’t design your home yourself. The question is whether it would be the right decision or not?

Interior designers spend a lot of time studying about various aspects of designing and creativity. They are the subject matter experts when it comes to designing and making the best utilization of the available space. They are experienced, have practical knowledge of handling various projects, designing in tight schedules and negotiating with the sellers. Thus, it is always wiser to let the experts take care of designing the most valuable possession of your life.

5. A contractor can also design my house

This is the most common and grossly misunderstood notion that a contractor can be given the additional responsibility of designing the house.

A contractor is an expert in constructing buildings, understanding the material used and managing labour in a way that the project is finished in the given timelines. His knowledge of designing is as good as that of a layman. Giving this responsibility will not only bring disaster to the aesthetics of the house but will also damage the core functionality of the contractor i.e. delivering a desired structure on time.

An interior designer acts as a guide to help you meet your dream home. With the introduction of various technologies (like AI, AR & VR), it is now all the easier and required to make the best use of them while deciding your home interiors. Don’t allow others to distract you in your journey of happiness and bliss by getting a designer house you deserve.