6 Future Interior Trends For The Homes Driven By The Coronavirus







We are living in a moment of great changes, for sure. And what is certain is that our homes have indeed become the protagonists of the particular moment in which we live. Needless to say, this would change both the way we live in our homes and the way we build them. So, the question we are trying to address today is: how will our homes be impacted by the pandemic?

Here are some fascinating interior patterns, inspired by the pandemic crisis, which will soon change how we live and build our homes:

1-Embracing the Niksen

Niksen is now known as a way to heal from burn-out and to become more innovative in the long term, strictly linked to the idea of mindfulness and wellness. What is happening now is that we are all compelled to slow down, forced to live in quarantine within our houses. We probably have several moments of just doing nothing that we might have lived with anxiety and a feeling of shame before because we have been rising with the productivity cult.

The importance of Niksen emphasizes having a room for your personal time or “me” time. For example, having a yoga room at home can help embrace the Niksen. If you are looking to add or convert your spare room to a yoga room, you should take a look at Interiofit’s amazing and affordable work that has transformed many small spaces into effective yoga rooms and study.

2-The New Normal: Working from Home

People have been forced to work from home because of the quarantine. Although freelancers are already a trend, before the Coronavirus crisis, smart work was not a common thing. This crisis would illustrate to businesses who did not believe in this work model that it is possible to work from home and that individuals who work from home will promote well-being and be a very sustainable option.

We would probably see a return to dedicated home workspaces, true home offices, rather than just temporary room corners. You need to have room to be isolated from the rest of the house when you spend a lot of time working from home, to be more productive, but also to have a good distinction between working hours and relaxing / staying at home.

Interiofit expertise in developing offices and a ‘study’ that is now gaining attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3-Privacy and Soundproofing

We are beginning to do some activities at home, as highlighted in the point above, which involves new solutions that we did not have before. As an example, video calls need soundproofing solutions, a trend among workspaces that we saw a lot last year, and that will now also be part of the home climate.

4-Healthier spaces

We will all grow a new interest and sensitivity towards home hygiene and sanitization after these days. With the acceleration of some innovations that already exist but were not so common, or the development of many new technologies to help our household hygiene, this will bring many fascinating changes within our homes.

Think of air purifiers, indoor air quality control, new air, and water filtration systems, for example. But also on germ-resistant flooring and surface materials, as well as on the auto-cleaning technology to be integrated within furniture, such as in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

5-Voice Control and easy-to-use technologies

There is also something going on now with smart homes and voice control. But let’s be honest, we all thought smart devices were just something that made our lives simpler and our houses cooler before we needed to stop touching those surfaces.

Now, we’re thinking about how many hands can hit our entrance door knobs (especially if we live in an apartment building) or the buttons on an elevator. This is why vocal control can now truly become a huge trend. Plus, if they feel ill and need assistance, it could be a very good option for people living alone.

Using technology and automation for home has been gaining recent attention due to the prevalent sedentary lifestyle of individuals. However, it has increased security and made it easy for people to monitor their homes when they are outdoors. 

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Everyone would probably want to have a small garden after a quarantine inside a flat, or at least a small terrace where they spend some time outside.

All items related to gardening, along with new ways of incorporating greeneries within homes, will see a massive comeback. There will be a boom in vertical gardens and indoor planting, as an established way to alleviate our stress and improve the air quality inside our homes. Growing what you eat can also become an opportunity for indoor exploration, with tiny indoor areas fitted with artificial light, air, and water to grow vegetables.

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COVID-19 has brought new circumstances in almost every field. Interior designing is one such field that will see a major change post-COVID. After reading this blog, you must have gained insights into the trends that are more likely to prevail after the pandemic. 

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