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How to Get the Best Out of an Interior Designer?

Remember These Points When Hiring an Interior Designer!

  • Be Specific- About your expectations and budget
  • Trust them- They are subject matter experts
  • Discussion is the key- Always focus on details before a decision
  • Utilize them- Put subcontractors under them
  • Decide wisely- Interview few before finding the right fit
  • Extract inspiration- Don’t just copy anything. Let the designer work
  • Be patient- Creativity takes time
  • Documentation- Make sure to sign the contract
  • Utilize what you have- Ask your designer for considering existing furniture
  • Collect Samples- Always insist for samples and trials

Getting a house designed as perfectly as you always had imagined is tough but very much possible.

Interior Designing as a profession is booming and there are many talented and experienced designers in the market today who can easily work out that dream house you had always been looking for. The key is to get the best out of an interior designer. Here, we have listed a few ways that if taken care of, will lead to a smooth and happy experience.

Be Specific

Mr. Singh hired an interior designer but didn’t explain exactly what he wanted in his home. The designer gave many suggestions but all in vain. This led to a bitter experience.
As a customer, we need to understand that being specific is a very important measure. A designer has knowledge but he is dependent on your inputs as it is your home. It is always wise to share your ideas, taste, color themes, designs, patterns, and budget with the designer in the initial meetings only as it helps him visualize your thoughts and give them a shape. It will not only save your time but will also enhance the experience.

Trust Them

Interior Designers are certified professionals who are meant to do this specific work of design. They have experience, knowledge, and passion for this only. As a customer, once you decide to get your home designed by an expert, it is your responsibility to have complete faith in them. Designers once left free, can help you in getting unique designs, better costing, efficient work, and good service.

Discussion Is The Key

While the process of designing is in place, it is very important to discuss each and every aspect of your house. From design to finish to material to cost to the latest trends, everything should be given equal consideration. As a client, this is your right to know about everything and if required change or reconsider!
A detailed discussion doesn’t only rule out the possibility of any mishap in the future but also instills a lot of confidence in you.

Utilize Them

You are not paying a designer only to give you a good design but to actually give you a good interior. It is thus always wiser to let the Interior Designer handle any subcontractor, architect, or vendor you are working with. As an expert, he knows how to get the best out of them and will ultimately save you from a lot of headaches, follow-ups, and issues. Also, streamlined coordination will only help in earlier delivery of your dream home.

Decide Wisely

It is a dream home and a good investment. Finalizing somebody for this shouldn’t be done in a haste. Meet a number of designers, evaluate their style of working, and try and match your wavelength. In the longer run it will help in sorting a number of unnecessary issues. Interview 4-5 designers, see their work, discuss their idea about your place and see if it matches yours. This is a very crucial step and thus be completed carefully and wisely.

Extract Inspiration

Designers are creative people. They are not behind money but fame. And that’s what put us as a customer in the best seat. Show them your ideas, tell them about your vision but ultimately ask them to work that inspires them. This would help you stay away from any already done work (think Pinterest) and will bring fresh designs on the table. Who doesn’t want his house to look unique anyways?

Be Patient

That’s a little tough I know but then every good wish is fulfilled only after keeping patience.
Anything that is unique, that is a work of art and that is original, will take time. It is thus always suggested to not try and fasten up the process of interior designing.


Always push for a signed contract before you start the work for your house. Signing a contract will not only push the designer to stick to the mentioned terms & conditions but will also keep the expectations of both the parties clear. A signed agreement also saves you in case of delay of work and force majeure.

Utilize What You Have

All of us have that one piece of furniture or painting that is close to our hearts. Also, moving into a new house doesn’t always mean getting new furniture altogether. It is thus important to have a look at your existing furniture and discuss it with the designer to have the provision of the same in the new house.

Collect Samples

While you are deciding on any furniture, its finish, paint, wallpaper, laminate, or any light fitting, it is highly recommended to ask for a sample that you can keep with yourself.
This would help you match the finished product with the material you had approved and thus leaving no doubts in the mind.